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Why is it not black? Kidding. It’s a great question. The obvious first choice was to make the rim orange and net white to blend into the existing rim. Then we thought, “Why blend in?” Why not stand out? Be different. So we made a couple samples and showed them to some players and asked which colour scheme they liked best. Black on black was the overwhelming choice. The people have spoken.


We have a demonstration that covers all that and more. It will be on the website prior to the campaign launch. In addition we’ve created a comic: X–FACTA – the fictional, legendary streetball player from NYC, who explains all details of how to use The Blacknet. These comics will be collector items offered to each pre-order purchase.

Once we get The Blacknet how do we store it; can we fold it up and carry it in our back-packs?Is Blacknet available outside the United States and Canada?The netting at our local park is tattered and ripped. Can I use The Blacknet over the existing net?Can we purchase replacement nets and clips?Can we leave The Blacknet outside on the rim?

No. The Blacknet should not be bent or rest upright on its own weight when stored. It’s best to hang it up, or rest it flat.

Yes. The Hoop rim sizes in USA and Canada comply with NBA rim sizes, which are different than outside North America, which comply with FIBA. However, customers from Australia to the UK.... Singapore to the Netherlands. They're happy with the product so, we've decided to make them available outside Canada and the US.

No. Only use The Blacknet when the rim is completely free of any netting or debris.

Yes. Nets and clips will be available following the initial launch.

The Blacknet should be removed after every use.