The world's first and most trusted portable replacement basketball net

The Story

"In memory of Dr. Michael Halberstam (1932-1980) who in the last year of his life was fond of sneaking into Washinton D.C playgrounds and attaching brand new nets, which he had just bought, so that he and other playground players could hear their jump shots swish…”

- Forward to Breaks of the Game by Pulitzer Prize® winner, David Halberstam

Inspired by the book, Blacknet takes this initiative one step further.

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- Highest quality materials.

- Durable, long-lasting

- Doesn't affect shot or game play

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How to Use

Now you can always hear your "Swish". Nothing but net! Our fun, instructional comic book featuring street-ball legend  X-FACTA is now digital. Have a look and save a tree.